10 major problem every outsider has to face

10 Major Problems Every Outsider has to Face!

Moving to a new city sounds exciting, but with excitement comes the difficulties. Sometimes essentials such as food, accommodation, transportation etc, need more focus and planning. This blog is dedicated to those who move to a new city either for studies or seeking work or any other reason. We discuss the main point of some problems so that you’ll be prepared to handle it.

1. Homesickness :

Home is where the heart is! This strongly explains the state of mind at the time of leaving home. Home is the place where you are comfortable but as we all know, No one grows in comfort zone.

Eventually you have to step out of it one day, to conquer the world.

Homesickness not only comes from missing home but the environment of our hometown, the friendly behavior of the people there, where everyone cares. This feeling can be experienced by: The Employees who got their job in another city, the student who have the colleges or institute in another city, or anyone who is going to leave their hometown and moving to a new city.

It is perfectly healthy to feel homesick just do not let it become the crippling part of your new journey.

2. Hunting for accommodation:

Finding a new place to accommodate in the new city seems tragic. First of all you have to choose between- Agents or owners? Some say you should always reach out to house owners, while others say. When you don’t know anything why not ask the experts?

But trusting them with security…?? Finding the best place to live in which is also safe is a difficult task in that new city.

3. Quality food:

While shifting to a new place, food is also one of the major topic of worry, because with new place, comes the new means of eateries as well.

Since you are an employee or a student, making food by yourself will not be in option and eating out will destroy your budget system.

So either you have to go for a tiffin service or a mess service. Trust me this experience can be both nightmarish and life changing for some people.

It will increase our worry to find a best mess which will provide you with quality food in affordable price in that new city.

4. Adjusting in new environment

While shifting to a new city, you may face a language barrier as in every 50 km the language gets change and not only language but every Indian city has its own spark in terms of tradition, culture and belief. It might take a while to understand and fit in.

You suddenly look around and feel very alone you are surrounded by others, and your looks, your fashion, your inability to communicate in local tongue, or your general presence is very obviously different.

At one time you find it so difficult to adjust in these new surroundings.

5. Landlord Problems:

Renting house is challenging as you have to maintain a decent relationship with the house owners. As you are living in their house, they are ultimately your in laws. And you can’t deny the fact that they need to know everything, about your plans, where have you been, where are you going and it continues.

Handling this kind of owners can be irritating and frustrating at times.

Into some days or weeks of staying the owner might give a friendly visit, which is the part of invigilation of the status of house, and to judge how good or bad you are at keeping their house tidy. Some house owners live in a constant fear of their house being treated and kept in ruins.

Dealing with such owners and getting their trust can be tricky.

6. Domestic help:

Although you are capable of doing everything on your own, there will come a time when you want to have someone who will wash your clothes, that is making a heap and will make your room tidy n clean. Though there are many jokes on how important the role of a Bai is – THEY ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

Finding someone responsible is equally exhausting as finding a needle in a haystack.

7. New Environment:

The environment- The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat – plays a vital role in our health and well being! That is why with the change in environment, your health shows changed behavior too. You may have heard it before like ”The water of this area does not suit me” or ”My hair started falling vigorously at this place.”

These are some of the common significance of environment change. Sustaining with these health issues can be very problematic in the new city.

8. Running low on cash:

Despite of all your best efforts in planning your budget, and tracking your expenses throughout the month, you will end up worrying about having less cash. As you may have had ordered food twice that week or splurged a bit too much in your birthday party last weekend, or you had gone to a movie with your girlfriend/boyfriend to just make up his/her mood. Nonetheless it is never enough.

Even though you have to stretch your cash until your return to home.

9.  Transportation:

Finding means of transportation in the new city is another major problem and it can be tiresome task since it is your new city and you don’t  not know the roads, it can be beneficial for the Auto walas as they can take the advantage of your innocence.

Sometimes such opportunity seekers charge you twice or thrice of the actual amount. Nonetheless you can book your cabs online just all it will cost your waiting time with original fare of the cab and the dependency on this means will suck you at times.

10. Mental harassment:

Out of every 10 suicide reasons, 50% of them are because of mental harassment. Mental harassment is something which can be happen to anyone but their favourite hosts are outsiders.

You may feel harassed by your judgemental landlord, or neighbour aunties, or because you got insulted by some of your rowdy roommates, when your manager deliberately gives you offensive remarks.

Since you are living away from home, Family pressure can also be a cause of mental disturbance, if you are the only breadwinner in your family. And with family pressure comes the work pressure too.

 Such situations if not handled properly will lead to mental harassment.

This are some of the major problems that I saw among the outsiders. Every problem has its own solution and every solution gave birth to another problem. But as it is said that problems are the creators best memories.

If you think I have missed something just let me know. Happy Reading!

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