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Best Tiffin Service Provider in Nagpur

We started tiffin service through placeefy in Nagpur city. We serve the people who are too busy to cook food or don’t wish to compromise on nutrition with restaurant food. Placeefy provide the best quality home made food and that’s why our meals are ideal for these people. We love foodies. We love who eat homemade food and we also love the home chefs who serve home made food 🙂

Placeefy is basically a tiffin service platform with multiple home kitchens across the city. We have a network of all the best home chefs. We service online through our website ( or by call (+91-9767003322).

We onboard quality home chefs in our platform, take orders for them and do the deliveries. Our home chefs are highly focused on providing the healthy, tasty and quality food.

Our Mission is that everyone should be comfortable out of their comfort zone. We focused not only on providing the service but the service should be remarkable.

Our Story

Moving to a new city or getting comfortable in a new city is a very hectic task. It’s a huge problem for the students as well as for their parents and the company employees. We noticed various problem on the current system that, Before the 2-3 month of shifting to a new place, most people had questions especially related to accommodation and food/mess facilities.

The way people find these services is by mere reference of each other and as a result, when they start using those services, they find many flaws in the service and change their service every 2-3 month.

But, if they had every knowledge about that service like its quality, quantity prices and much more before they might not have chosen that service.

So, we decided, Why not provide everyone the power to gain that knowledge so they can compare various services on their own and hence after working upon this idea we finally launched our web-based service startup PLACEEFY– Places Electronically Available For You under the domain

Home Chef Lalita Nandankar with Her Husband

Eat healthy stay healthy!

If you search Affordable Tiffin and Caterers services in Nagpur Placeefy is a one stop solution for all your needs to find the best home chefs near your location. Eat Fresh & Healthy home cooked food Delivery at Office & Home at a very reasonable price rates. For More Inquiry call: 9767003322


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